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Discover what people feel, think, & do.

Why do people say one thing and do another? According to behavioral science, such discrepancies can arise when behavior is guided by spontaneous thoughts and feelings. Cognition Gate allows you to capture those spontaneous thoughts and feelings to understand, predict, or diagnose human behavior.

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What is Cognition Gate?

Cognition Gate is an online toolbox of interactive computer tasks that tap into automatic (‘implicit’) cognitive processes. Each tool is designed to capture the degree to which spontaneous thoughts and feelings influence the response pattern of a respondent (i.e., reaction times and/or errors). This response pattern can then be used to infer or predict real-life behavior, while minimizing the influence of self-presentation strategies, lack of introspective accuracy, or deception.

Science at your fingertips

Test protocols included in the Cognition Gate platform are all based on proven scientific principles and meet the highest scientific standards.

Science made easy

No programming skills are required. The platform takes care of the heavy lifting so you can focus on data collection.

Fully browser-based

No plug-in or installation is required. All it takes is a standard PC connected to the internet and a web browser, both for you and your respondents.

Cross-platform compatibility

Cognition Gate is easy to integrate with other (data collection) platforms such as Prolific, Qualtrics, LimeSurvey, or Mailchimp.

Speed up implicit data collection.

Cognition Gate includes a range of customizable test templates such as the Implicit Association Test, the Relational Responding Task, and the Propositional Evaluation Paradigm. Upload your stimulus materials, select the task parameters of your choice, and start data collection in minutes!

Identify implicit drivers of consumer behavior.

As a market researcher, you know that tools like the Implicit Association Test can barely handle the complexity of real-live cases. We solved that problem. The Implicit Attribute Classification Task or IMPACT allows you to unravel consumer behavior as a function of multiple (implicit) attributions.

Circumvent the limitations of questionnaires & interviews.

Self-report measures are valid only if respondents are both willing and able to report what is relevant. All too often, this requirement is not met. Use one of our validated assessment tools to acquire the information you need to make an informed decision.


Frequently asked questions

Will my account be accessible after my license has expired?

Yes, of course. After your license has expired, you will continue to have access to all your account data for another 12 months.

Can I use Cognition Gate to collect data via mobile devices?

Not yet. Only desktop computers are currently supported. Mobile devices will be supported as of 2022.

I expect to exceed the monthly test limit of my license. Should I switch to a more expensive license?

Probably not. The license limit is an average value per month, calculated over the entire term of your license (2 months, 12 months, or 36 months). Feel free to go over that average monthly limit when it gets really busy. We hope you can relax at other times.

The test template I am looking for is not available on Cognition Gate. Does this mean I have to switch to a different test platform?

Probably not. The list of available test templates will continue to grow and we are happy to align our priorities with those of our customers. Let us know what you are looking for and we will investigate what it takes to include the test template(s) you need.

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